CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 31, Number 1, Spring 2020

Being in the Body

Bodies have been on our minds these past weeks.

As we practice physical distancing around the world, we’ve gained sharp awareness of our everyday human desires: to get outside, to move freely, to simply shake hands with another body—let alone connect with friends face-to-face. Even a casual fist-bump would be a great gift these days.

This special "body" edition of the Regent World was almost complete when our global pandemic hit, so we have been struck by the deep relevance of each article for our present moment. We hope you read, enjoy, and are drawn into deeper appreciation of the complex, beautiful, and sometimes scary reality of human embodiment. 

Illustration by Micah Hill

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Leading Ideas

Coronavirus and the Communion of the Saints

Historian Bruce Hindmarsh weaves together two COVID 19 stories: His own story of attempting to return to Canada from abroad amidst COVID 19 panic, and the many-layered tale of the Christian church dealing with dangerous infectious disease over the centuries. more

Leading Ideas

Bodily Love: Catherine of Siena on Loving Our Neighbours in Troubled Times

Cindy Aalders excavates Catherine of Siena's life and writing, uncovering the source of her social responsibility during the 14th-century bubonic plague: an attitude towards neighbour that was deeply embodied, and inseparable from Catherine's devout spiritual life. more

Leading Ideas

Three Bodies United in One: A Holistic Theology of the Body

Ross Hastings examines the theological implications of 1 Corinthians 10:16–17, suggesting that all bodies—from our own flesh and bones to the global church—find their truest identity by relational participation in the ascended body of Christ. more


Nothing Is as Beautiful as a Human Being

Wesley Hill argues that to beat lust we shouldn’t ask people to look away from the human body, but learn to encounter the beauty of the human form with love. more


Insights from a Physiotherapist on Living In and Not In Spite of Our Bodies

Pelvic health physiotherapist Sophia McLean helps us understand the human body as integral to genuine human experience, rather than an impediment to it. more

Jeff's Journal

What Open Heart Surgery Taught Me about My Embodied Soul

A year after returning to his duties as Regent President, Dr. Greenman shares what most surprised him about the long road to recovery. more

Arts & Theology

Narratives of Disembodiment: How Ghost Stories Teach Us About Trauma

Why are we haunted by ghost stories? Mary McCampbell sifts through some of the greats—from Hamlet to Beloved to The Haunting of Hill House—to reveal the link between personal trauma and ghosts. more

Arts & Theology

Making Womb

Bryana Russell reflects on her own artistic practice, affirming the goodness of female bodies. In this interview, Russell articulates the womb’s unique ability to create life, to facilitate flourishing, and to image God’s mercy. more

Field Notes

Ken McAllister

One of Regent’s longest-serving staff members shares how a lifelong struggle with a severe form of inflammatory arthritis has shaped his faith. more

Books & Media

Exiles on Mission: How Christians Can Thrive in a Post-Christian World


Books & Media

The Seamless Life: A Tapestry of Love and Learning, Worship and Work


Books & Media

Wearing Well: Exploring the Biblical Imagery of Clothing