CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 29, Number 2, Fall 2017

Special Edition: 500 Years of the Reformation

This year at Regent, we've commemorated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with lectures, panels, book releases, interviews, articles, and one glorious Reformation concert. For those who weren't able to attend the events themselves, you’re in luck! This edition of the World highlights excellent work produced this year by scholars like Ron Rittgers, Iain Provan, and Hans Boersma. It also features a wealth of brand new material: dig into the wisdom of Luther’s and Calvin’s musical reforms, encounter the moral vision of a Regent couple’s remarkable import business, and find out how to start your own small Reformation.

Illustration by Brian Liu

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Leading Ideas

The Reformation of Love

One reductive historical explanation of the Reformation is that Martin Luther's role in the events all stemmed from the problem of a guilty conscience. Hear Ron Rittgers address this misconception, demonstrating how a theology of love, not of guilt, was Luther's bedrock. more

Leading Ideas

Contemplation in a World of Action

In a culture that demands constant action, how do we make space for silence? Sharing from his personal journey, Charles Ringma explores the contrasting portraits of Christ in Mark and John—together presenting to us a perfect image of balance between contemplation and action. more

Leading Ideas

Did Luther Nail It?

Sola scriptura was the seedbed, and from it sprouted several of our most important doctrines about Scripture. Iain Provan traces the historical significance of these doctrines, and suggests we may need to start a “new Reformation, in line with the first.” more


Hans Boersma on the Tragedy of the Reformation

For Boersma the basic response of all Christians to the Reformation is lament. But that's not to say the tragedy is all to be blamed on the Reformers. Hear Boersma trace the larger movement which led to the church's split in the 16th century. more


Shopping for the Good

Wayne (MCS 2012, Marketplace) and Shelley Jones import and sell kantha blankets, made by Bangladeshi women from reclaimed sari cloth. In this interview, hear the unlikely story of how the business started, get tips on ethical buying, and learn how God can be found in spreadsheets and Photoshop. more


The School of the Parish

Julie Canlis recounts the lessons of a Scottish Parish, where her book, A Theology of the Ordinary, took shape. Thirteen years in Scotland taught her that Godspeed might be about slowing down to catch up with God. more

Jeff's Journal

Why We Need to Listen to Luther

Regent President Jeffrey Greenman reflects on the joys and difficulties of our year of celebrating the Reformation, as well as the Reformation’s central figure, Martin Luther. His conclusion: despite the complexity, “There is no one better than Luther to point us to Christ.” more

Arts & Theology

Informed by All Our Senses

Art in the sanctuary—sculptures of David, paintings of Mary on a donkey—are not new to us. But how might art amplify and deepen Sunday’s sermon? How might it shift our preconceptions to see God in new ways? more

Field Notes

Matthew Thomas

Ad Fontes! To the sources!  Hear the story of how Matt Thomas used this rallying cry of the Reformation in order to evaluate the "New" and "Old" perspectives on Paul—surveying the Church Fathers to see where they stood on the issue. more

Field Notes

William Satterwhite

Bill Satterwhite is one of the physician co-founders of the Sneez app—the first crowd-sourced sickness app for parents of school-aged children. “I truly believe Sneez can make a difference in the health of our communities, not only in the United States and Canada, but also worldwide.” more

Field Notes

Karl Petersen

In the tradition of Lewis and Tolkien, Karl Petersen's new children's fantasy novel manifests theological reality in a richly imagined fictional world through the eyes of an unlikely hero. more

Thought to Action

How to Start a Local Reformation

When Kirstin Johnson and her husband moved to a small rural community in the Ottawa Valley, they decided they weren't going to lose their attachment to theologically rich community. So they decided to bring Regent with them. more