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CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 31, Number 1, Spring 2020 / Profile

Nothing Is as Beautiful as a Human Being

Wesley Hill argues that to beat lust we shouldn’t ask people to look away from the human body, but learn to encounter the beauty of the human form with love.   More…

Insights from a Physiotherapist on Living In and Not In Spite of Our Bodies

Pelvic health physiotherapist Sophia McLean helps us understand the human body as integral to genuine human experience, rather than an impediment to it.   More…

Volume 30, Number 1, Spring 2018

Building a Common Vocabulary

Stanley Hauerwas has lived in community, taught in community, and worshipped in community. He concludes, “Community depends on the people having something to do together, to have a clear good that you are about is absolutely crucial.”   More…

From Church Parking Lot to Groundbreaking Housing Community

East Vancouver's new Co:Here Housing Community isn’t content just to provide affordable housing. It seeks to bring people from across socio-economic barriers into life together—and into mutual transformation.   More…

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