Thought to Action

Theory is great, but it begs the question: now what do I do with all this knowledge? Here, you'll find practical examples on how to translate the ideas we're proposing in each issue into solid action.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 29, Number 2, Fall 2017 / Thought to Action

How to Start a Local Reformation

When Regent alumni Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson and her husband moved to a small rural community in the Ottawa Valley, they were determined not to lose their attachment to theologically rich community. So they decided to bring Regent with them. Find out the story behind the Linlathen Lectures—a small annual theological conference in the Ottawa valley, featuring communal meals, prayer, community, and world-class theological speakers. Hear how the local community embraced the yearly influx of eager theologically minded folk. Then find out how you can start your own local reformation.   More…

Volume 29, Number 1, Winter 2017

Confronting the Vancouver Housing Crisis

Kurtis Peters argues that when it comes to systemic injustice in the Vanouver housing industry, charity and subsidization are not enough to fulfill the biblical vision for housing.   More…

Dis/Located: Wisdom and Story from the Regent Faculty

Relocating is never easy. But in every stage of the process, there is great potential to experience particular aspects of God. In light of this reality, this series of interviews features Regent faculty offering stories and advice on how to see God in whatever happens to be your current experience of home.   More…

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