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CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 30, Number 2, Winter 2018 / Leading Ideas
Micah Hill

Seven Scholars Share Their Favourite Moments of Biblical Humour

Find out why N.T. Wright, Mariam Kovalishyn, and George Guthrie are chuckling while they parse those Greek and Hebrew verbs.   More…

GK Chesterton on the Fool as Saviour of the Modern Soul

Matthew Eames shows that holy foolery wasn’t just a theological theme for the great British Catholic; he reveled in becoming the fool.   More…

Ruth: Rom-Com, Sit-Com, or Divine-Com?

Digging with Drew Lewis into the Hebrew in the book of Ruth, we see there are moments it would irreverent not to laugh.   More…

Volume 30, Number 1, Spring 2018

Bonhoeffer and the Community of Foreigners

In the work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, David Robinson is challenged by the theologian’s conviction that “the church is not a community of people who are all the same but precisely one of people who are foreign to one another who are called by God’s Word.”   More…

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