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CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 30, Number 1, Spring 2018 / Leading Ideas
Photo: Bonhoeffer and Berlin students enjoying free time in Prebelow, 1932, Guetersloher Verlagshaus

Bonhoeffer and the Community of Foreigners

In the work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, David Robinson is challenged by the theologian’s conviction that “the church is not a community of people who are all the same but precisely one of people who are foreign to one another who are called by God’s Word.”   More…

Volume 29, Number 2, Fall 2017

Martin Luther’s Reformation of Love

One of the more reductive historical explanations of the Reformation is that Martin Luther's role in the events all stemmed from the problem of a guilty conscience. Hear Ron Rittgers address this misconception, demonstrating how a theology of love, not of guilt, was the bedrock of Luther's earth-shaking theological insight.   More…

Contemplation in a World of Action

In a culture that demands constant action, how do we make space for contemplation? How do we find rest for our souls? Sharing from his personal journey, Charles Ringma suggests a return "ad fontes"—back to the sources. Surveying the thought of Bernard of Clairveaux, Gregory the Great, and Augustine, Ringma arrives back at Christ, whom he suggests is our perfect image of a life balanced between contemplation and action, each infusing and informing the other.   More…

Did Luther Nail It?

Sola scriptura was the seedbed, and from it sprouted several of our most important doctrines about Scripture. These include the clarity of Scripture, the centrality of the literal reading, and the Protestant canon itself. Trace the historical significance of these doctrines, and find out why we may need to start a “new Reformation, in line with the first.”   More…

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