Field Notes

What we do at Regent extends beyond our walls. Our alumni share their stories from the various worlds in which they've been called to live, work, and serve.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 29, Number 2, Fall 2017 / Field Notes

Matthew Thomas

(MCS '12 (Biblical Languages))

Early on in his time at Regent, Matthew Thomas stumbled on a question compelling enough to lead him right through his Oxford PhD. The question had to do with the new and old perspectives on Paul: how would the sources from the early church align with our "old" and "new" perspectives on this issue? In other words, which perspective is truly the "old" one?   More…

William Satterwhite


Bill Satterwhite is one of the physician co-founders of the Sneez app—the first crowd-sourced sickness app for parents of school-aged children. “I truly believe Sneez can make a difference in the health of our communities, not only in the United States and Canada, but also worldwide.”   More…

Karl Petersen

(MTS '87)

In the tradition of Lewis and Tolkien, Karl Petersen's new children's fantasy novel manifests theological reality in a richly imagined fictional world through the eyes of an unlikely hero. Unlike Narnia or Middle Earth, Petersen’s universe is infused with environment and ethos of the Pacific Northwest. Here he shares the personal theological reformation by which the theological vision behind his novel came to be.   More…