Field Notes

What we do at Regent extends beyond our walls. Our alumni share their stories from the various worlds in which they've been called to live, work, and serve.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 30, Number 1, Spring 2018 / Field Notes

Alex Fogleman

(MDiv '16)

Alex Fogleman began to notice just how much easier it was to go to church than to be a Christian. The active verb “go” was much less intrusive than the linking verb “be.”   More…

Marion Maxwell

(DPCS '72)

For Marion Maxwell, community means devoting more time to prayer, taking advantage of singleness to be alone, and having people over for dinner—a lot.   More…

Ben Keyes and Nickaela Fiore-Keyes

(DPCS '07)

Ben Keyes and Nickaela Fiore-Keyes endeavor to live well in two communities simultaneously—one with students coming and going, and an ongoing one with the other workers.   More…