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In this section, students, alumni, or friends of the Regent community showcase a work of art that integrates theology with creative expression.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 29, Number 2, Fall 2017 / Arts & Theology

The Genius of Luther’s and Calvin’s Musical Reformation

You’ve heard the story: Luther, ever the populist, needed new music for his new church. So he went to the bars and taverns, learned the popular folk melodies, and Christianized the lyrics. It’s not a bad story; it’s also not a true story. Janet Danielson tells the real story of Luther and Calvin’s thoughtful refurbishing of the old sacred musical techniques of polyphony and cantus firmus. Discover how their new musical syntax laid the foundation for the future of Western music.   More…

Volume 28, Number 1, Winter 2016

Summertime Blues

In this brief and compelling narrative, Kurt Armstrong recounts his battle with depression in the midst of a job gone wrong.   More…

Poetry by Sarah Crowley Chestnut

Sarah Crowley Chestnut's evocative poetry explores the rich and troubled interplay of suffering and grace.   More…

Life among the Deadwood

Artist Maria Gaudin on Life among the Deadwood, a new exhibition exploring the necessity of hope in the midst of grief.   More…

Writing in the Margins

Matt Malyon talks excitedly about Underground Writing, a literature-based creative writing program that serves at-risk, incarcerated, and recovery communities in northern Washington.   More…

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