Arts & Theology

In this section, students, alumni, or friends of the Regent community showcase a work of art that integrates theology with creative expression.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 30, Number 1, Spring 2018 / Arts & Theology
Josh Lock

Discipleship Deconstructed

Paintings often portray relationships with an astuteness that words stifle. Get inside the head of a painter who explores interpersonal relationship by visually depicting Rene Girard’s social observations.   More…

Volume 29, Number 2, Fall 2017

Informed by All Our Senses

Art in the sanctuary—sculptures of David, paintings of Mary on a donkey—are not new to us. But how might art amplify and deepen Sunday’s sermon? How might it shift our preconceptions to see God in new ways? Artist Gill Sakakini shares her own journey to discover the myriad of ways that art can speak to us and whether art might be an accompanying text for preaching.   More…

The Genius of Luther’s and Calvin’s Musical Reformation

You’ve heard the story: Luther, ever the populist, needed new music for his new church. So he went to the bars and taverns, learned the popular folk melodies, and Christianized the lyrics. It’s not a bad story; it’s also not a true story. Janet Danielson tells the real story of Luther and Calvin’s thoughtful refurbishing of the old sacred musical techniques of polyphony and cantus firmus. Discover how their new musical syntax laid the foundation for the future of Western music.   More…

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