Arts & Theology

In this section, students, alumni, or friends of the Regent community showcase a work of art that integrates theology with creative expression.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 30, Number 2, Winter 2018 / Arts & Theology

The Theological Comedy Awards

Contestants include the Feast of Fools, the Lady Pope Hoax, Thomas Aquinas’s joke article, Martin Luther’s elaborate prank, and many more. Find out who takes home the trophies.   More…

The True Origins of the Un-Seminary

Dal Schindell shares the philosophy and the friendships behind Regent’s wacky (and successful) early marketing campaigns.   More…

Cartooning through History

Matt Mattoon became a legend amongst Regent College History TAs for his absurd yet inspired pedagogy—now on the Regent World for all to see.   More…

Volume 30, Number 1, Spring 2018

Discipleship Deconstructed

Paintings often portray relationships with an astuteness that words stifle. Get inside the head of a painter who explores interpersonal relationship by visually depicting Rene Girard’s social observations.   More…

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