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In this section, students, alumni, or friends of the Regent community showcase a work of art that integrates theology with creative expression.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 32, Number 2, Fall 2020 / Arts & Theology

J. I. Packer, John Bunyan, and Me

It was an enormous privilege to have served with Dr. Packer for a few of his many years at Regent. Our deep caring about the writings of John Bunyan and the seventeenth century. Puritans created a bond between Dr. Packer and me, and as I open my copy of one of his smallest books, The Pilgrim’s Principles: John Bunyan Revisited(St. Antholin’s Lectureship Charity Lecture, 1999) I find an inscription in his spidery handwriting, a blend of cursive and printed letters:“To Maxine Hancock, who also cares for Bunyan, from Jim Packer.”   More…

Preferring Perelandra

To talk with Jim Packer was quickly to discover that he was a lover of words, spoken in sentences so clear we could almost see the punctuation. Conversations with him are easy to remember. On my very first one (forty years ago, as I was joining the Regent faculty), in his old office in the frat house, surrounded by books, almost immediately we were talking about fiction and poetry. Very quickly we discovered a shared admiration for that lesser-know Inkling, Charles Williams. From there we went to the poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, another master of words.   More…

Wagner, Louis Armstrong, and Fish Pie

Kit Packer and my wife, Susan, share an enthusiasm for bird-watching; Jim and I had a similar shared passion for steam trains, and upon these two loves, the four of us entered upon an enduring friendship. Jim and I met frequently at the Cheshire Cheese Pub on Dunbar Street, and over Fish Pie and a glass of wine, our delightful conversations focused on English railways—and music.   More…

Volume 31, Number 1, Spring 2020

Narratives of Disembodiment: How Ghost Stories Teach Us About Trauma

Why are we haunted by ghost stories? Mary McCampbell sifts through some of the greats—from Hamlet to Beloved to The Haunting of Hill House—to reveal the link between personal trauma and ghosts.   More…

Making Womb

Bryana Russell reflects on her own artistic practice, affirming the goodness of female bodies. In this interview, Russell articulates the womb’s unique ability to create life, to facilitate flourishing, and to image God’s mercy.   More…

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