April 20, 2021 / Issue Volume 33, Number 1, Spring 2021 / Arts & Theology

In a Moment, Turn

By Kathryn Cochran

Kathryn Cochran

Kathryn began studying at Regent College in 2004 and completed my Master of Arts in Theological Studies with a Concentration in the Arts in 2008. She is currently a freelance content writer and continues to write creatively, including short fiction, poetry, and children’s stories. She is also a member of my church’s new Artistic Development Team—a team that seeks to support artists in their work within the church as well as connect with artists in the community with the belief that people are searching for God and can connect with God through the arts.

I want to hold you,
bend low and press
my ear where it hurts,
and listen.

Awakened in an altered time,
pressed in rows and fractured lines
you reel in search of those inclined
to heal.

When your fingertips
start tingling and the panic
is dividing and arms all rise
to riot

Who is sitting quiet?
Who is still
to love?

I want to bend low,
listen, slow
to the speed
of your soul.

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