CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 33, Number 1, Spring 2021

Vocation Reimagined: Being the Church in a Time of Uncertainty

For the world at large, this past year has been bleak. Many of us have had our lives uprooted by the pandemic, civil unrest, racial injustice, and more, which has led to ongoing and multi-faceted loneliness and loss. Yet, churches have not lost their way. In this issue, published in partnership with Regent Exchange, we feature the stories of individuals and churches who are reimagining their vocation as the people of God and contributing to the common good in a diversity of places and spaces.

As you read these reflections, poems, and case studies, we hope you’ll be inspired to keep serving God and those he brings to you. May we all experience this season as a time of forging new paths forward and looking to the future with hope—hope for our own lives, our communities, and the church at large.

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Leading Ideas

Vocation from Union with Christ: Overcoming Dualisms in the Calling of the Church

By Ross Hastings (read)

Leading Ideas

Peter, the Pandemic, and Pearls: How Difficulty May Be Harnessed for Discipleship

By Joshua Coutts (read)

Leading Ideas

The Mission of the Church Rooted in Trinitarian Empathy

By Chris Angew, Jingya (Margaret) Hu, & David Raimundo (read)


“Triple Blessing”: Case Study of a Partnership between the Church and the Community

By Joyce W. K. Lee & Andrew Beunk (read)


Yet I Will Rejoice

By Celia Olson (read)


Who Are the Invisible People God is Using to Disciple Us?

By Jessie Bloss, Matt McCoy, & Gustavo Santos (read)

Arts & Theology


By Jolene Nolte (read)

Arts & Theology

Two Haiku

By LaVerne Adams (read)

Arts & Theology

In a Moment, Turn

By Kathryn Cochran (read)

Arts & Theology

Past the Walls and into the World: Visual Arts During the Pandemic

By Shirley Levacy (read)

Arts & Theology

The Gift of Spaciousness: What Poetry Can Offer the Church Today

By Jolene Nolte, Mary Romero, & Sarah Crowley Chestnut (read)

Field Notes

Discovering a Unique Vocation

By Amy Caswell Bratton (read)

Field Notes

Complicated Comfort

By Susie Colby (read)

Field Notes

On Learning to Journey Alongside

By Christina Lui (read)

Thought to Action

Laundry in a Time of COVID

By Lisa Nikkel (read)

Thought to Action

To Exist for Others: Embracing the Call to Encounter

By Annie McKitrick & Jonathan Nicolai-deKoning (read)

Thought to Action

The Spirituality of COVID Risk

By Robert Douglas Hamm (read)

Thought to Action

There’s Hope for Families: Catechesis During a Pandemic

By Jiani Li (Lucy) & Jeremy Graham (read)