CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 26, Number 2, Spring 2014

Working it Out

We ask about it almost as soon as we meet someone new: "So, what do you do?" Maybe the question fills us with excitement. Maybe the question fills us with anxiety. How do we fit all the pieces of who we are into a simple answer—into a meaningful life? In an economy of unpredictability and fear, but also opportunity and hope, join us as we explore the place of work in our lives and how it coincides with our Christian faith and identity.

Illustration by Lan Yan

Current Issue Contents

Leading Ideas

To Seek the Flourishing of the World

Journalist Andy Crouch discusses what it means to be human in relation to our calling as Christians. more

Leading Ideas

The Reality of Work, For Better or For Worse

Is work good or bad? Paul Stevens explains not only why we should work, but how we should work no matter what job we're doing. more


Starting from the Roots

Paul and Ceri discuss workplace trends from a faith perspective, including the idea of loving your job and pursuing excellence no matter the cost. more


Finding Grace in Unlikely Places

An experience working at Insite disrupted Meera Bai’s best-laid plans for her life. more


Learning to Love How God Made Me

A Regent alumna, lawyer, and staff member shares her journey of struggling to embrace the gifts God has given her. more


Joining God in the Renewal of All Things

What does it mean to join God's work in the world? Four individuals from Artisan Church explore this question in these profile videos. more

Rod's Reflections

Working out God's Will

Rod Wilson traces God’s leading through the different jobs in his life, from TV guide seller to graduate school professor and president. more

Arts & Theology

Designed to Work, Designed to Worship

Architect Rodger Woods designs churches that invite encounters with the gospel and with other people. more

Field Notes

Racqel Kokaram

Our alumni have various occupations in the world. Read about what they do and how they see their work as fitting into a larger story. more

Thought to Action

ReFraming Your Story

The Marketplace Institute is launching a video series this fall to help you connect the gospel to all areas of your life. more


Can You Do What You Love?

Join Andy Crouch and leading thinkers on May 16 to discuss finding power, purpose, and happiness when the old rules don't apply. more

Books & Media

Books You Need to Know

In our latest publications, explore Christian epistemology, seriously dangerous religion, spiritual direction, and more. more