CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 27, Number 1, Winter 2015

Why Church?

Something about our current cultural moment is driving a growing number of people away from church, despite Scripture’s call toward the communal Christian life.

How can the church connect with the next generation? How are churches today responding to challenges in our neighbourhoods? And how can we allow grace to ground our relationships and create safe, authentic spaces for fellowship and worship?

Illustration by Carmen Bright

Current Issue Contents

Leading Ideas

Falling into Belonging: A Conversation with Erin Lane

A talk with Erin Lane about her new book, her (rather millennial) fear of commitment, and her journey to discover belonging in the church. more

Leading Ideas

Church and Kingdom: Let’s Get Our Analogies Straight

Too often, we diss the church in the name of the kingdom. Scot McKnight offers a sizzling biblical corrective and a way to view the church as both now and not yet. more

Leading Ideas

Church: Foundation of Who We Are

Hans Boersma discusses what church means, why we should go, and how we can stay united. more


Tenth Church: Open and Vulnerable

A historical church experiences renewed growth with a unique vision for the gospel, expressed through diversity, vulnerability, and social justice. more


New Wineskins for New Wine: A Few Moments with Darrell Johnson

Senior Minister of First Baptist Church and Regent Professor Darrell Johnson gives a hopeful perspective on the church's apparent “hemorrhaging” of youth. more

Leading Ideas

Video: Religion Under Construction

In this video, Ross Douthat discusses heresy, orthodoxy, and the institutions that make us who we are. more

Rod's Reflections

Millennials and the Church—Are the Boomers Listening?

Does the millennials’ holy discontent actually cultivate godly directions for a church currently led by baby boomers? President Rod Wilson offers his thoughts. more

Arts & Theology

What's Splitting Your Church? Worship Music or Genocide?

In Randal Rauser's short meditation, the realities within a suburban Rwandan church collide with North American values. more

Arts & Theology

Doing Liturgical Arts Together

Eileen Li (Shum) collaborates with church members on four paintings representing different elements of corporate worship. more

Arts & Theology


In this gently evocative poem, Regent alumnus Lance Odegard shows us the lovely in the unloveable, reminding us to be truly present in community. more

Field Notes

Transforming Communities, One Church at a Time

Our alumni share how their own local churches are meeting the challenges faced by today’s North American church. more

Thought to Action

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Church

One church planter poses five questions that every thoughtful Christian should ask when choosing a new church. more


Regent Redux: Making Peace with Church

Join us for a live, online panel as Scot McKnight, Erin Lane, Darrell Johnson, and Hans Boersma discuss why church matters, with moderator Katelyn Beaty of Christianity Today. more


Pastors & Church Leaders Conference

The 2015 Pastors Conference is not just a pastors conference. It's for everyone. more

Books & Media

Serving God’s Community: Studies in Honour of W. Ward Gasque

Regent's founding members, faculty, and alumni contribute essays in honour of Dr. Gasque's lifelong commitment to the theological education of the laity. more