CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 26, Number 1, Winter 2014

Arts & Theology

Art and theology often sit at two ends of a teeter-totter, one going up while the other goes down. What does theology look like from where the artist sits? What does art look like from where the theologian sits? As disparate as they seem, it takes both ends to make the teeter-totter work—to lift feet from earth to sky and to pull feet from sky to earth. The contributors in this issue explore this two-way movement, letting us into their journeys and inviting us into our own.

Current Issue Contents

Leading Ideas

Looking Closely

Old Testament professor Phil Long describes how being an artist helps him as a biblical scholar. more

Leading Ideas

"'Shall These Bones Live?' The Ash Wednesday Promise of Art"

Watch Iwan Russell-Jones' inaugural talk as the Eugene and Jan Peterson Chair in Theology and the Arts. more


Grappling with her Quest

Grace Tan shares the despairing and exhilirating moments of her journey as an artist, from art school days in London to her present-day work in Vancouver. more


The Art of Seeing

Makoto Fujimura talks about the art/faith equation, understanding versus “standing under” art, and what we were created for. more


Words Becoming Flesh

Actor and playwright Ron Reed discusses what it's like to act out one's faith—literally. more

Rod's Reflections

A Chair Between the Past and Future

The installation of the Eugene and Jan Peterson Chair in Theology and the Arts marked a significant moment in time for the arts at Regent College. more

Arts & Theology

Work of Art, Work of Faith

Students and alumni share their creative work in poetry, song, film, and visual art. more

Field Notes

The Artful Life

What is art? Who is an artist? How do we create? Three Regent alumnae explore these questions and more in this original documentary. more

Field Notes

Becoming Alive to Creation

Robert Mulligan is an architect inspired by the magnificent creation he finds on the Pacific Island nation of Port-Vila, Vanautu. more

Thought to Action

Artists Welcome

Jill McFadden suggests ways to create space for art and artists not just on Sunday mornings, but also at other times and places throughout the week. more


Laing Lectures

Dr. Ellen T. Charry explores the interface between Christian doctrine and the emotions at the 2013-2014 Laing Lectures. more

Books & Media

Holy Luck

Nestle in with a good book of poetry, fiction, or non-fiction this winter. Titles by Eugene Peterson, J.I. Packer, Luci Shaw, Preston Manning, and many others. more