Field Notes

What we do at Regent extends beyond our walls. Our alumni share their stories from the various worlds in which they've been called to live, work, and serve.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 27, Number 2, Fall 2015 / Field Notes

Hugo Ciro: The Fair Trade Movement and Level Ground Coffee

(Student in 1992)

Hugo Ciro's fair trade coffee business empowers farmers in the same region of Colombia where he grew up. His business model is based on sustainability, fair wages, and mutual benefit.   More…

Curtis Ozirney on Home Renos, the Sustainable Way

(MATS '13)

As the manager of JustRenos, Curtis Ozirney is struck by the unnecessary waste generated by home and business renovations. He offers advice on renovating with sustainability, quality, and longevity in mind.   More…

Erin & Robert Lockridge and the Moriah Pie Pizza Café

(DipCS '10 & MCS '10)

At Moriah Pie, Erin and Robert Lockridge serve pizza, soup, salad, and pie from ingredients they've either grown themselves or sourced locally. Customers pay what they can. The café is thriving, and healing a community that was on the decline.   More…