Field Notes

What we do at Regent extends beyond our walls. Our alumni share their stories from the various worlds in which they've been called to live, work, and serve.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 28, Number 1, Winter 2016 / Field Notes

Wilma van der Leek

(MCS '05)

"I feel whole. I’m not healthy all the time, but I feel that my whole self is being drawn to something better." Wilma van der Leek tells the story of a breakdown that set her on the path to healing.   More…

Kim Woody

(MA '15)

"Before you can have courage to take the initiative and talk to people about things, someone else has to have courage for you." Kim Woody shares her experience with depression.   More…

Hilary Guth

(MA '15)

"I had to shift my thinking from 'I’m going through a difficult time' to 'okay, this is just what’s normal for me.'" Hilary Guth explores the challenges of faith and life with anxiety and OCD.   More…

Julie & Norman Johnson

(DipCS '79)

For two decades Julie Johnson lived with the personality-altering effects of an undiagnosed brain tumour. In this honest and challenging interview, Julie and her husband Norm discuss the devastating effects of mental illness and the remarkable power of forgiveness.   More…

Jim Galbraith

(MDiv '97)

Alumnus and pastor Jim Galbraith has always battled with anxiety and depression, but an encounter with leukemia proved to be more than he could bear. The collision of mortality and mental illness brought on a deep crisis of faith. Read Jim's story.   More…

Rachel Krohn

(MA '13)

Alumna and BC native Rachel Krohn finds coping strategies for living with depression while pursuing a PhD, caring for two small children, and navigating her way around the strange new city of Toronto.   More…