Field Notes

What we do at Regent extends beyond our walls. Our alumni share their stories from the various worlds in which they've been called to live, work, and serve.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 26, Number 3, Fall 2014 / Field Notes

Oyan Simatupang

(MDiv '12)

Oyan Simatupang lives in Jakarta, Indonesia with his wife, Arlene, and their two daughters. He is on staff at the International English Service, an English-speaking congregation made up mostly of Indonesians and part of the Assemblies of God of Indonesia.   More…

Andy Heng

(MCS '01)

Andy Heng is a senior banking executive working for a Canadian bank in China. A career banker, Andy has worked in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, living out the Regent calling to connect Sunday and Monday. He facilitates various office Christian fellowships and ministers to local churches. Excited and humbled by church growth in China, Andy presently lives in Beijing with his wife and three boys, worshipping at Beijing International Christian Fellowship’s Mandarin service.   More…

Rebecca Conti

(MA Theo. Studies '04)

Rebecca and her husband, Vincent, are the founders of Hidden Hollow Prayer Retreat, which is located outside Flagstaff, Arizona. Their purpose is to provide a quiet, beautiful space where individuals and small groups can spend time in rest, prayer, and reflection. Rebecca is self-publishing a spiritual memoir this year and enjoys reading, studying, the great outdoors, and water fights.   More…

Laura Werezak

(MCS '11)

Laura Davis Werezak has lived in the US, Canada, England, and Spain and worked as a writer, New York City public school teacher, and Anglican youth minister. She is currently at work mothering Lucy and Julianne alongside her husband Clint and writing a memoir about why she still believes in Christianity after growing up in a fundamentalist denomination and leaving it behind.   More…

Jonny Lochhead

(MCS '11)

Jonny Lochhead grew up in Aberdeen, Scotland and came to Vancouver to study at Regent at the age of 26. One year in, he met Melissa, a new student at Regent, and they married a year later. Now with a three-year-old son and a newborn, they live in the suburbs of Calgary, Alberta where Jonny works as project manager for a small yet highly innovative modular fabrication company.   More…