Thought to Action

Theory is great, but it begs the question: now what do I do with all this knowledge? Here, you'll find practical examples on how to translate the ideas we're proposing in each issue into solid action.

CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 27, Number 2, Fall 2015 / Thought to Action

10 Reasons to Consume Less

Less debt. Less time caring for possessions. Less lifestyle envy. Faced with this list of "top 10" reasons to stop owning so much stuff, it's hard to justify why we're not all jumping on the minimalist bandwagon.   More…

Volume 27, Number 1, Winter 2015

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Church

As a pastor and church planter, Regent alumnus Daniel Louie has had many conversations with those looking for a place to call their spiritual home. Here are five questions that every thoughtful Christian can ask when choosing a new church.   More…

Volume 26, Number 3, Fall 2014

Rhythms of Connection

8 students in a boat, rowing around the Gulf Islands. 8 days without communication devices. After disconnecting for 8 days from her usual world on the Technology, Wilderness, and Creation course taught by Loren and Mary-Ruth Wilkinson, current student Emma Gray offers some ideas on how to meaningfully connect upon re-entering "normal life."   More…

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