September 19, 2014 / Issue Volume 26, Number 3, Fall 2014 / Profile
Duncan Ris

Sabbath Breaking In

By Duncan Ris

Duncan Ris

Duncan Ris is a husband, father, son, artist, and student rooted in Vancouver, BC. Finishing an MA in Theological Studies at Regent with a concentration in the Arts and working as a freelance videographer, Duncan seeks to integrate theological reflection with creative practice in the marketplace. Learn more on his website.

Cease Rest. Embrace. Feast. What do these words mean in our culture of busy, distracted, individualistic, and efficient? When Regent alumni Paige and Paul Gutacker took a Regent Summer course on Sabbath taught by Marva Dawn, their worlds turned upside down. They wrestled with questions like, "Why can't I rest? What if Sabbath comes before I'm not ready for it? What if I haven't earned it?" In this video, they share their journey coming to understand Sabbath and to practice its restorative rhythms discussed in Marva's book, Keeping the Sabbath Wholly. Have a look at their journey.

If you'd like to hear more on the topic of Sabbath and how it can reorient your life, join us for our Redux webcast on Nov 6 featuring Bruce Hindmarsh, Mark Buchanan, and Paige Gutacker. Find more details here.

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