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January 14, 2014 / Issue Volume 26, Number 1, Winter 2014 / Field Notes
Laura Rosengren. Photo by Duncan Ris

The Artful Life

By Duncan Ris & Lucas Lee

Duncan Ris

Duncan Ris is a husband, father, son, artist, and student rooted in Vancouver, BC. Finishing an MA in Theological Studies at Regent with a concentration in the Arts and working as a freelance videographer, Duncan seeks to integrate theological reflection with creative practice in the marketplace. Learn more on his website.

Lucas Lee

When Lucas Lee isn’t working on his thesis for the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program at Regent, he provides editorial consultation for a variety of media projects, including films, printed publications, and websites. He is also a husband, father, and an advocate of collaborative creation and culture care.

Many people have childhood dreams of acting, painting, writing, singing, or dancing. Somewhere along the way, these dreams either die or are put away. What does an artistic life even look like? To go back further, what is art? Who is an artist? How do we create? This documentary explores with three Regent artists the way that the call of art and faith coincide, the nature of creative process, and both the glamour and struggle of creative work. You are invited not just to watch this film but to live in a more artful and art-filled way.

Vania Levans is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter who grew up in Ottawa. She discovered her father's jazz records from an early age and was introduced to the world of Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughn. She has completed a Master of Divinity at Regent College and a Bachelor of Church Music from Canadian Bible College. In addition to singing jazz, Vania enjoys teaching about and facilitating worship. Visit her website at

Currently masquerading as a teacher by day and artist also by day (since she is not much of a night owl), Laura Rosengren calls Vancouver home. She is interested in the intersection of histories (personal, social, or cultural) and visual art.  She is also passionate about art education and likes to find every opportunity to encourage (force) people to be creative. Laura holds a BFA from the Alberta College of Art, a BEd in Art Education from Mount Saint Vincent University, and an MCS from Regent College. Visit her website at

Sandra Vander Schaaf lives in Vancouver with her beloved Peter. She’s a writer, photographer, dancer, and dreamer who starts her days with toast, Darjeeling, and a walk on the seawall of English Bay. Sandra graduated from Regent College in 2012 with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and nurtured her Integrative Project in the Arts and Theology to publication in 2013. The book is called Passionate Embrace: Faith, Flesh, Tango.

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