January 14, 2014 / Issue Volume 26, Number 1, Winter 2014 / Arts & Theology
Illustration 3 by Megan Fraser

Illustrations from Salvador's Questions

By Megan Fraser

Megan Fraser

Born in Scotland, Megan began her MA at Regent College in 2010. She is currently completing her Integrative Project in the Arts and Theology: an exploration of the theology of fairy tales, complete with original illustrations of George MacDonald's fairy tale, The Light Princess. Her project will be presented on February 7, 2014, at Regent College in the evening. See more details here.

The following are selected illustrations from Salvador's Questions, a children’s book written and self-published this winter by Regent student Heather King. 

As a mom, Heather struggled with how to speak to her young son about death, heaven, and the afterlife, and could find no children's book to help her. So she wrote Salvador's Questions, suitable for children aged 3-8. 

Megan's art follows the two as this conversation unfolds. 

Contact Heather or Megan for more information. The book can be ordered here.


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