November 29, 2018 / Issue Volume 30, Number 2, Winter 2018 / Arts & Theology
Matt Mattoon

Cartooning through History

By Matt Mattoon

Matt Mattoon

Matt Mattoon is the Lead Pastor of Village Covenant Church in Azusa, California, where he lives with his wife and two children. While he no longer cartoons the historical, his sermons are the better for his having done so. He graduated with an MCS in 2008.

The absurd and excellent pedagogy of one inspired Regent Church History TA

While at Regent, Matt Mattoon became legendary for his unorthodox and artistic approaches toward teaching history. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have Matt Mattoon as your History TA at Regent College. If not, well, now's your chance to have episodes of Christian history forever embedded into your memory by way of cartoon.

Cartoon #1: Leo X: Luther's Arch-Nemesis

Cartoon #2: Marcion: the Original Left Behind

Cartoon #3: When Luther was Little

Cartoon #4: St Francis, Meet James Dobson

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