thumbnail_image Examining the environmental challenges facing our planet today through the eyes of faith.
ISSUE: Volume 25, Number 1, Spring 2013

Faith, Science and the Environment

Climate change. Acidification of oceans. Declining biodiversity. Too much waste. Overfishing. These are just some of the environmental challenges facing our planet today. Solving them requires not just science and technology—although these are vital—but faith. A faith rooted in a doctrine of creation. A faith that promotes reverence for all of the planet’s creatures. And above all, a faith that challenges the disheartening predictions of our planet’s future, displacing our sense of despair and helplessness with hope.

Illustration by Lan Yan

Issue Contents

Leading Ideas

Recovering Inquisitiveness

Ross Hastings formed the Pastoral Science program at Regent College out of a belief that scientific understanding can actually foster Christian growth. more

Leading Ideas

A Duty to Care, a Duty to Critique

Iain Provan filters the issue of oil pipeline expansion in BC through the lenses of biblical understanding and reasoned inquiry. more


Loren and Mary Ruth Wilkinson

A sailboat voyage at sea, guided by ancient cycles of weather and tides, is the ideal occasion for reflecting on the Christian doctrine of creation. more

Rod's Reflections

Lessons from Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury

Rod Wilson considers the attitudes of two new church leaders towards the environment, the economy, and human development. more

Arts & Theology

Dan Law: The Workshop

Dan Law’s sculptural installations made of hand-salvaged wood explore the boundaries between art, theology, and work. more

Field Notes

Catriona Day

Alumni working in science and the environment consider how their relationship to creation shapes their approach to some of the challenges facing our planet. more

Thought to Action

Forget the To-Do List: Transform Your Heart

Caring for creation involves a set of practices that might move our hearts into deeper love for God and his world. more


Free Evening Public Lectures

Our popular summer lectures begin on May 15! Iain Provan speaks on the Taliban, Alister McGrath on C.S. Lewis, and Soong-Chan Rah on lament. more

Books & Media

Weakness and Virtue

New publications by faculty members include J.I. Packer's new book on weakness and Hans Boersma's book on Gregory of Nyssa. more