thumbnail_image A tribute to Jim by students, clergy, colleagues, and friends.
ISSUE: Volume 32, Number 2, Fall 2020

Remembering J.I. Packer

Google “J. I. Packer tribute” and in less than a second, you are given 730,000 options. Such abundance makes it hard to understand why one more tribute is worth doing. Hasn’t everything been said? Wasn’t Jim the embodiment of concise word choice?

Yet this edition of the World is a tribute to Jim and it is different. Almost all the writers knew him well; they worked with him very closely as students, clergy, colleagues, friends. They shared meals with him, tapped their feet to Jelly Roll Morton with him, and knelt next to him in church.

May you be as encouraged in seeing new vistas of Jim Packer as they were in knowing him.

Painting by Phil Long

Issue Contents

Leading Ideas

Quintessential Christian Humanist

As tributes to J. I. Packer have arisen from all over the world, people clearly remember him for many different things, demonstrating both the breadth of his scholarship and the profound personal impact he made on so many. more

Leading Ideas

Retrieval for the Sake of Renewal

On his eightieth birthday, I described Jim Packer as the Robin Hood of evangelicalism, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. more

Leading Ideas

Anglicanism is a Pastoral Form of Christianity

Everybody acknowledges that Anglicanism is a pastoral form of Christianity. more


A Tribute to Dr. Packer

Dear Jim was my longest friend, dating from our first meeting at the Oxford Inter-Collegiate Union, or Inter-Varsity, in October 1947, where I was the senior member, just commencing to lecture there, and Jim was an undergraduate student in Classics. more


Better a Creative Mess: An Interview With Dr. Cindy Aalders

Some years ago Dr. Packer contacted me to say he was ready to donate more of his books to the library at Regent. more

Jeff's Journal


I came to Regent as a student in 1985, primarily to study with Jim Packer and Klaus Bockmuehl. I took several courses with Jim, most memorably his seminars on the atonement and on the Puritans. more

Arts & Theology

J.I. Packer, John Bunyan, and Me

It was an enormous privilege to have served with Dr. Packer for a few of his many years at Regent. Our deep caring about the writings of John Bunyan and the seventeenth century. Puritans created a bond between Dr. Packer and me. more

Arts & Theology

Preferring Perelandra

To talk with Jim Packer was quickly to discover that he was a lover of words, spoken in sentences so clear we could almost see the punctuation. more

Arts & Theology

Wagner, Louis Armstrong, and Fish Pie

Kit Packer and my wife, Susan, share an enthusiasm for bird-watching; Jim and I had a similar shared passion for steam trains, and upon these two loves, the four of us entered upon an enduring friendship. more

Thought to Action

The View from a Jacuzzi

The other day I was one of a crowd who spent much of a wet Saturday afternoon in a jacuzzi. My advisees, who formed the crowd, had advised me to try it; you'll like it, they said. Till then I had not even known how 'jacuzzi' is pronounced. I had taken it to rhyme with the name of Beachcomber's memorable operatic soprano, Rustiguzzi. more

Thought to Action

Gift Beyond Measure

The truth is that the first time I worshipped at St. John’s Anglican Church, I was stalking J. I. Packer. more