thumbnail_image How do we celebrate spiritual disciplines like sabbath and prayer, and seek God’s voice amid the pulse of our loud, cluttered, and technology-driven lives?
ISSUE: Volume 26, Number 3, Fall 2014

Discipline in an Age of Distraction

Computers. Tablets. Smartphones. On the go, on the road, on our last legs. Another day in the fast lane, always tuned in, plugged in, checking in. Get groceries, get in shape, get to bed. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat.

We are distracted people with full schedules and tired minds. We know how to be busy but often struggle with slowing down, being still, and celebrating spiritual disciplines like Sabbath and prayer. How do we seek God’s voice amid the pulse of our loud, cluttered, and technology-driven lives?

Illustration by Jonathan Fajardo

Issue Contents

Leading Ideas

I Know You're Busy

Pastor-turned-professor Mark Buchanan reflects on the phrase he heard way too much as a pastor. more

Leading Ideas

A Deeply Human Longing

Bruce Hindmarsh talks about what it means to be hearers of God’s Word in a digital world. more

Leading Ideas

Building Temples with Our Ears

Do we have practices for listening to what’s going on in our souls? Susan Phillips shares her journey with contemplation, spiritual direction, and Sabbath. more


Life After the Christian Carnival

Tired of giving out "cross-flavoured cotton candy" as a Christian speaker, Michael Yankoski set aside a year to practice his faith, not just talk about it. more


What if Google did Spiritual Formation?

Neil Ahlsten is taking what he learned working for the world’s biggest company and applying it to his tech startup. more


Sabbath Breaking In

Paige and Paul Gutacker share how the gift of Sabbath has opened their lives up to new and restorative rhythms. Have a look at their journey. more

Rod's Reflections

Rest in Peace

What does it mean to “rest in peace” not in death, but in life? President Rod Wilson offers his thoughts. more

Arts & Theology

Reading for Love

How is deep reading an act of love? Amy Nickerson explores this question as part of her graduating project. more

Field Notes

Oyan Simatupang

Our alumni share what spiritual disciplines they've embraced as an antidote to their biggest distractions. more

Thought to Action

Rhythms of Connection

A boating trip around the Gulf Islands prompts Emma Gray to reflect on what it means to develop rhythms of connecting and resting well. more


Settling in to a Decadent Decline

Join Ross Douthat at the 2014 Laing Lectures Oct 22-23 to discuss why our society is headed toward a "sustainable decadence" and how we might escape it. more

Books & Media

Summer Audio Sale

Save 50% on any title from our Summer 2014 audio collection using the discount code RWFALL14. more