thumbnail_image Stories of how Christians are finding thoughtful ways to engage in the public sphere.
ISSUE: Volume 24, Number 2, Fall 2012

Faith & Politics in a Fractured World

One of the most important contributions Christians can make to a fractured political landscape is to act as mediators between polarized factions. Although this can be difficult in a climate that pressures people to restrict their faith to the privacy of their home, many Christians are finding thoughtful ways to engage in the public sphere. Here are some of their stories.

Illustration by Jonathan Fajardo

Issue Contents

Leading Ideas

Faithfully Present in a Fractured World

Jana Minor analyzes the key themes of the Faith and Politics in a Fractured World conference. more


Margaret Somerville

Margaret Somerville searches for a shared ethics in the public square. more


Preston Manning

What does it mean to be a Christian and an elected politician? more


Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy reflects on the doctrines that have supplanted Christianity in the public square. more

Rod's Reflections

The Regent World Online?

Regent President Rod Wilson weighs the pros and cons of moving The Regent World online. more

Field Notes

Advocates for Change

Regent students and alumni are influencing the public sphere through advocacy, law, and public service. more

Thought to Action

The Real Work of Politics

A series of practical suggestions on how to engage in political action. more


Summer 2013 Preview

Find out what’s happening at Regent, from our Summer Programs to the ReFrame project. more

Books & Media

A Theology of Work

Faculty and alumni write about biblical examples of work, street signs, and the elements. more